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Centers of Excellence

Systems and Synthetic Biology are part of two large center structures that operate with satellite facilities at Chalmers.

Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Biosustainability

This center is based on a 1000 MDKK donation from the Novo Nordisk Foundation to Technical University of Denmark, We are an active part of this center and Prof. Jens Nielsen is Chief Scientific Officer of the center and Director of the section for Fungal Cell Factories (operated mainly at Chalmers but also with activities at the main site of the center in Denmark). See for more information.


Science for Life Laboratory

This center is a national laboratory for life science research. It is hosted by Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm University, Karolinska University and Uppsala University. Prof. Jens Nielsen is scientific director of the center with responsibilities for Bioenergy and Biosustainability.
See for more information.

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