The Weather:
The average weather in Göteborg in May is from 5-8 °C (minimal) to 10-15 °C (maximal). Read more
It can often rain, so layering clothers and an umbrela will probably be useful.
The daily weather forcast can be found here

The crowds in the weekend:
(our local half marathon) is at the same time as IMYA X.
Göteborgsvarvet is on May 18th so it will be VERY hard to get a hotel room in the city. Göteborgsvarvet is the largest annual running competition in Sweden, and the largest half-marathon running competition in the world
(62 000 entries for Goteborgsvarvet last year).

The Conference dinner:
The conference tour will start by the 15 min bus ride to the harbor, where we will take a boat (30 min) to the Älvsborg, also Elfsborg Fortress. We will have a 45 min guided tour, and then a buffet dinner.

The boat will leave back at 21:30, and the bus will take the participants to Panorama hotel.

Posters and lectures:
Posters should be in portrait format, not bigger than 89x119cm.
Four posters will be put on one poster panel (two on each side), so please do not exceed the size limitations!
We will provide the pins that you will need to fix the posters on the boards.

The Poster Award Committee (Chaired by Thomas Nyström, and comprised of invited speakers) will award three poster prizes (a diploma and a present) at the closing ceremony on Sunday.

Lectures will be presented on stage. The speakers will use the head-set microphone and a laser pointer because it is a large hall and a big screen.
Bring your ppt file on a USB stick (if you want to use the computer in the lecture hall) or on your laptop. If you have a mac please bring your adapter for projector.
All equipment and mentioned tools will be provided and set up by a technician (unless specified otherwise).

The invited lectures should be around 35-40 minutes (to allow 5-10 minutes for questions and/or discussion), and the lectures selected based on abstracts should be 20-25 min (to allow 5-10 min for questions and/or discussion).