Petranovic Lab

Associate Professor
Dina Petranovic, PhD, MBA

Phone: +46(0)31 772 3836
E-mail: dina.petranovic [at]
Office: Room 3055A (Fysik Origo, Kemigården 1)

Petranovic Lab

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Dina Petranovic has a Msc (1994-1999) in Molecular Biology from the Faculty of Science and Mathematics, Zagreb University in Croatia, PhD (2000-2004) in Molecular Microbiology from Université Paris XI in France, two postdocs at Technical University in Denmark (2004-2006, in Microbial Physiology and Genetics, and 2006-2008 in Microbial Biotechnology), and assistant professorship (2008-2012), docent (2012) and tenure as associate professor (since 2013) at Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden. During her career Dina has also been visiting scientist in Rich Losick’s Lab at Harvard in 2006 and visiting professor in Susan Lindquist’s Lab at MIT in 2012.

Dina is CEO of a non-profit organization Molecular Frontiers, which is under the Royal Swedish Academy of Science, editor of FEMS Yeast Research, co-director in the European Federation of Biotechnology and member of several societies (IMES, SBE etc).

Dina is also a teacher, supervisor and examiner at Chalmers University in Göteborg and mentor at Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, and was awarded the pedagodical prize at Chalmers in 2013.

During her PhD and postdocs Dina worked with Gram+ bacteria Lactococcus lactis and Bacillus subtilis where she studied transcriptional regulation via the pleiotropic regulator CodY, signal transductions via the phosphorelay PTS-system and protein tyrosin phosphorylation. Since 2007 she became more interested in eukaryal molecular biology and since 2008 has been working with yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae as a model organism, for study of complex cellular processes, such as proteome maintenance, ageing and apoptosis. In her group they are interested in these pathways from the fundamental and applied angle (biotechnology and biomedical research), and they use reductionist and holistic approaches in research (in vivo, in vitro and in silico) by combining methods of molecular and cell biology, biochemistry, bioinformatics and systems biology (including omics and modeling), with the main scope to study how cells regulate proteostasis stress (proteome homeostasis).

FEMS Yeast Research thematic issue “Yeast Cell Aging and Death” edited by Dina Petranovic and Austen Ganley

10th International Meeting of Yeast Apoptosis (IMYAX) organized by Dina Petranovic and Thomas Nyström

Symposium on Healthy Ageing, organized by Dina Petranovic


Current members:

Xin Chen, Post-doc
Olena Ishchuk, Post-doc
Facundo Muñiz, Post-doc
Veronica Gast, PhD student
Yanyan Wang, PhD student
Ana Joyce Munoz, PhD student

Previous members:

Marija Cvijovic, Post-doc
Andrea Neiss Molt, Post-doc
Jin Hou, Post-doc
Eugenio Meza, Post-doc
José L. Martínez, Post-doc
Guokun Wang, Post-doc
Kwanjeera Wanichthanarak, PhD student
Magnus Johansson, PhD student
Arastoo Badoei Dalfard, Visiting PhD student
Tamara Suhm, Visiting PhD student
Asiyeh Jebelli, Visiting PhD student
Marcin Sochacki, Msc student
Nava Ghanarei, Msc student
Laleh Kazemzadeh, Msc student
Kumaravel Ponnandai Shanmugavel, Msc student
Stefina Milanova, Msc student
Johan Björkeroth, Msc student
My Nyblom, Msc student
Aafke van Aalst, MSc student
Doris Zoric, MSc student
Almut Luetge, Visiting MSc student
Sophia Leussink, Visiting MSc student
Elisa Alamo Garcia-Donas, Visiting MSc student
Oscar Svensson, Bsc student
Avlant Nilsson, Bsc student
Jacob Kindbom, Bsc student
Nutvadee Wongtosrad, internship student
Raya Saleh, internship student
Céline Aubry, internship student
Matthew Allen, internship student
Jake Garside, internship student
Cristiano Santos, internship student
Saki Matsumoto, internship student
Nathalie Laforge, internship student
Osman Efe Oztekin, internship student

Researchers co-supervised by Dina Petranovic:


Mikael Molin, Post-doc Co-supervised by Prof Thomas Nyström, Sahlgrenska Academy GU
Kumaravel Ponnandai Shanmugavel, PhD student Co-supervised by Prof Pernilla Wittung-Stafshede, Chalmers


Zihe Liu, PhD student
Fredrik Karlsson, PhD student
Lifang Liu, PhD student
Jichen Bao, PhD student
Keith Tyo, Post-doc
Luis Caspeta, Post-doc
Antonio Roldao, Post-doc
Mark Bisschops, Post-doc
Mingtao Huang, Post-doc
Frederik Eisele, Post-doc

Teaching at Chalmers

I am examiner and professor of the first and second molecular and cell biology courses (UCM010 and KMG050, respectively) for Biotechnology undergraduate program (Bt1 & Bt2).