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Ivan Mijakovic

Phone:+46 (0)70 982 8446
E-mail: Ivan.Mijakovic [at] chalmers.se
Office: Room 3056A

Mijakovic Lab

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Current research

Protein phosphorylation

We are interested in signaling and regulation in bacterial cells, focusing in particular on regulatory phenomena based on protein phosphorylation. Most of our research activities are carried out on Bacillus subtilis, a model organism for Firmicutes. B. subtilis is a wonderful model for studying complex signaling circuits in developmental phenomena, since it displays a wide array of “survival” strategies: motility, versatile degradative functions, production of bacteriocins, natural competence, biofilm formation, cannibalism and spore development. Our laboratory specializes in bacterial protein-tyrosine kinases (BY-kinases), serine/threonine kinases of the Hanks-family, phosphoproteomics other “omics” approaches aiming at global studies of the phosphorylation-based regulatory networks in both model and pathogenic bacteria. We are also interested in the evolution of protein kinases and their relationship with substrates.

Graphene-based bio-applications

In collaboration with the Chalmers Graphene Centre, we are developing advanced graphene-based antibacterial coatings, bio-sensors and procedures for extraction of oleochemicals from microbial cell factories.

Metabolic engineering

We are implementing a wide array of metabolic engineering tools in order to optimize B. subtilis as a cell factory for the production of platform chemicals, industrially relevant enzymes and nanoparticles.


Please note that our group does not admit internships/student projects shorter than one semester (5-6 months). Master projects carried out in our laboratory are not remunerated, so international students have to secure their own scholarships before applying.

Mijakovic Lab

Current members of the Mijakovic Lab:
Lei Shi, researcher
Santosh Pandit, researcher
Abderahmane Derouiche, Post-doc
Shadi Rahimi, Post-doc
Hongxia Zhang, Post-doc
Alireza Neissi, visiting PhD student

Current Members of the Mijakovic lab at DTU Biosustain:
Carsten Jers, researcher
Abida Sultan, Post-doc
Priyanka Singh, Post-doc
Vaishnavi Ravikumar, Post-doc
Abhroop Garg, Post-doc
Mériem Senissar, Post-doc
Julie Bonne Køhler, Post-doc
Abhayraj Joshi, Post-doc

Mijakovic lab at DTU Biosustain

Previous members:

Research Associates/Assistant Professors:
Sandrine Poncet
Yves Pagot
Tao Chen

Postdoctoral fellows:
Fen Yang
Valentina Cantatore
Aida Kalantari
Hee Jin Hwang
Raghu Mokkapati

PhD students:
Mette Erichsen Hansen
Carsten Jers
Boumediene Soufi
Sujata Vijay Sohoni
Ahasanul Kobir
Abderrahman Deroiuche
Charlotte Cousin
Aida Kalantari
Ivan Andreas Stancik

Violeta Djekic
Mohammad Abdellatif

Master students:
Catarina Silva
Carsten Jers
Boumediene Soufi
Elsebeth Oline Sondergaard
Malene Mejer Hansen
Marcin Krzystanek
Katarzyna Warzyzinska
Christina Johnsson
Dafni Paspaliari
Romilda Wangari
Ahasanul Kobir
Ana Boskovic
Lorena Kolar Znika
Paula Dobrinic
Kristina Kovac
Ivan Andreas Stancik
Sanja Tunjic
Alessandra Merlo
Anja Tusar
Li Xu