Christer Larsson

By Martina on October 17, 2021

Christer Larsson, a Professor of Microbial Physiology at SysBio, passed away on October 12th. Christer was as a dedicated scientist and a supportive mentor, an inspiring teacher and a manager who led by example. We all went to him with our problems and Christer always had a solution. It usually came garnished with a spark of Christer’s unique brand of humor - one of the many things about him that we will miss. He was the ultimate team player, and to many of us he was a friend. Now it is up to SysBio to remember him, and keep his spirit of team work alive.

Stefan Hohmann

By Martina on July 8, 2021

Stefan Hohmann, a Professor of Yeast Genetics at SysBio, passed away on July 2nd. He will be remembered by everyone at SysBio as supportive colleague and mentor and his exciting science will remain an inspiration to all of us.

Ivan received a science award

By Martina on April 1, 2021

Ivan Mijakovic awarded the Spiridon Brusina Medal from the Croatian Society of Natural Sciences.

New major grant for Ivan

By Martina on December 16, 2020

Ivan is coordinator of a prestigious 14.5 MSEK grant from Nord Forsk. The consortium includes partners from MC2 at Chalmers, SINTEF in Norway and DTU in Denmark, and will work on graphene-based drug delivery systems for treating MRSA infections.

New award for Jens

By Martina on October 12, 2020

Jens Nielsen recieved the Inagural Gregory N Stephanopoulos Award for Metabolic Engineering.

Cell-wall protein controls aging via altering oxygenation and methionine metabolism

By Martina on September 4, 2020

In collaboration with Gianni Liti, Nice, FRANCE, Mikael Molin was involved in study of gene variants impinging on aging in a population of 1000 naturally-derived yeast strains. One of these made yeast cells more buoyant, resulting in increased exposure to oxygen and remodelling of methionine metabolism in a manner shortening their life-span. The full paper is available in Genome Research.

Peroxiredoxin stimulates longevity through novel redox-signaling mechanism

By Martina on September 3, 2020

The antioxidant peroxiredoxin slows down aging not by degrading the reactive oxygen species hydrogen peroxide, but through a novel redox-dependent mechanism of controlling the central signalling hub protein kinase A. Cecilia Picazo, Niek Welkenhuysen and Mikael Molin were involved in this study and the full article is available in eLIFE

Ivan is a new EU ITN grant coordinator

By Martina on May 27, 2020

Ivan is coordinator of a new EU ITN grant “PEST-BIN”, which will develop new methods to fight bacterial infections. The 4.1 million EUR project involves 9 academic partners and 5 private companies and will hire 16 PhD students.

Atlas of Human Metabolism

By Martina on March 25, 2020

The Nielsen group just published An Atlas of Human Metabolism in Science Signaling. The paper is the result of a multi-year effort and is based on a closed collaboration with the Human Protein Atlas project at Science for Life Laboratory.

New professor

By Martina on September 19, 2019

SysBio welcomes Professor Ross King who will start at our division on October 1st. Ross D. King will be Professor of Machine Intelligence. He is one of the most experienced machine learning researchers in the Europe, having worked in the field for over thirty years. His main research interest is the interface between computer science and science. He originated the idea of a ‘Robot Scientist’: integrating AI and laboratory robotics to physically implement closed-loop scientific discovery. His Robot Scientist ‘Adam’ was the first machine to autonomously discover scientific knowledge.