Chalmers Medal for Jens

By Martina on March 6, 2023

Professor Jens Nielsen has been awarded the 2023 Chalmers medal for his extraordinary contributions to science.

Honorary Doctor at Sahlgrenska Academy

By Martina on March 6, 2023

Professor Jens Nielsen has been awarded an honorary doctorate by Sahlgrenska Academy, University of Gothenburg. His lecture is taking place on 23rd March 2023 (registration deadline 8th March).

New Adjunct Professor at SysBio

By Martina on November 16, 2022

We are happy to welcome Dr. Martin Lovmar from Wellspect, who will reinforce SysBio with his extensive experience with innovation in the private sector. Don’t hesitate to reach out to him for collaboration or advice!


By Martina on November 2, 2022

Our new Assistant Professor Annikka Polster has joined SysBio! Her research focus is on computational medicine: check out her lab webpage to find out more.

New major grant for Johan

By Martina on June 23, 2022

Our new Assistant Professor Johan Bengtsson-Palme received a 15 MSEK grant from the SSF. The title of the project is “Predicting future pathogenicity and antibiotic resistance” (Swedish: Framtidens patogener och resistensgener).

SysBio is growing

By Martina on June 20, 2022

Two new groups have recently joined SysBio: Professor Maria Faresjö and Assistant Professor Johan Bengtsson-Palme. Check out their lab webpages to find out more about their exciting research.

Ivan Mijakovic is the new Deputy Head of the BIO Department

By Martina on November 15, 2021

Ivan has accepted this temporary appointment to help Maria Faresjö structure the new departmental leadership. This will not affect leadership of SysBio, as Ivan remains fully committed to his role as Head of our Division.

Christer Larsson

By Martina on October 17, 2021

Christer Larsson, a Professor of Microbial Physiology at SysBio, passed away on October 12th. Christer was as a dedicated scientist and a supportive mentor, an inspiring teacher and a manager who led by example. His most important legacy at SysBio is the team spirit that he promoted.

Stefan Hohmann

By Martina on July 8, 2021

Stefan Hohmann, a Professor of Yeast Genetics at SysBio, passed away on July 2nd. He will be remembered by everyone at SysBio as supportive colleague and mentor and his exciting science will remain an inspiration to all of us.

Ivan received a science award

By Martina on April 1, 2021

Ivan Mijakovic awarded the Spiridon Brusina Medal from the Croatian Society of Natural Sciences.