Ivan is a new EU ITN grant coordinator

By Martina on May 27, 2020

Ivan is coordinator of a new EU ITN grant “PEST-BIN”, which will develop new methods to fight bacterial infections. The 4.1 million EUR project involves 9 academic partners and 5 private companies and will hire 16 PhD students.

Atlas of Human Metabolism

By Martina on March 25, 2020

The Nielsen group just published An Atlas of Human Metabolism in Science Signaling. The paper is the result of a multi-year effort and is based on a closed collaboration with the Human Protein Atlas project at Science for Life Laboratory.

New professor

By Martina on September 19, 2019

SysBio welcomes Professor Ross King who will start at our division on October 1st. Ross D. King will be Professor of Machine Intelligence. He is one of the most experienced machine learning researchers in the Europe, having worked in the field for over thirty years. His main research interest is the interface between computer science and science. He originated the idea of a ‘Robot Scientist’: integrating AI and laboratory robotics to physically implement closed-loop scientific discovery. His Robot Scientist ‘Adam’ was the first machine to autonomously discover scientific knowledge.

New paper for Ivan Mijakovic

By Martina on September 6, 2019

Ivan’s review paper on post translational modifications in bacteria published at Nature Reviews Microbiology

The best paper award for Tao Yu

By Martina on September 6, 2019

Tao Yu received the best paper award at the annual meeting of the Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Biosustainability for his paper published in Cell.

Chr Hansen Gold medal for Jens Nielsen

By Martina on September 6, 2019

Jens Nielsen received the Chr Hansen Gold medal for his pioneering contributions to yeast metabolic engineering

Jens, Ridder af Dannebrog

By Martina on August 12, 2019

Jens Nielsen has been honored as Knight, Ridder af Dannebrog, by the Danish Queen, for his contributions to Danish interests.

Jens in National Academy of Science

By Martina on May 2, 2019

Jens has been elected into the National Academy of Science in the USA. US-NAS is one of the most prestigious academies in the world, and this is a very special recognition reserved only for the very best among scientists. This is a recognition of Jens’ life-long track record of top scientific achievements and pioneering contributions, many of which took place here at Chalmers SysBio. We are therefore all very proud of Jens and extend to him our warmest congratulations.

Vinnova Grant for Yeast as Drug Discovery Platform

By Martina on April 12, 2019

Florian David and Verena Siewers received a Vinnova Grant for Protein Research in Biologics in a collaboration project with Astra Zeneca.

Honorary Professor at Jiangnan University

By Martina on April 10, 2019

Jens Nielsen has been appointed as Honorary Professor at Jiangnan University, which is the leading university in China in the area of Food Science and in Fermentation Technology.